Monday, March 9, 2009

The cat came back...

...dipped in Silver.
Well, not really but might as well have for what his weekend
getaway at the Vets cost!

He couldn't pee you see...poor thing had crystals.
Just imagine trying to pee out some sand...

A friend of ours can't believe we spent that much on our cat,
neither can my husband.
He doesn't like cats.

He's only 11, my daughter's best pal.
She's had him all his life.
She forgives him for anything.
Here they are reunited, he was so sucky when he came home.

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This is my cat, the silver plated cat's best friend.
She was an "only" for 3 glorious days.
She wasn't overly impressed when he came home,
I think she thought he was gone forever...and it suited her just fine.
She didn't mind pushing him out of the way at the dinner bowl though,
to devour his new meaty wet food diet!

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