Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lets Play Catch

Catch-up that is!

Ok, since my last blog post I have:

- Not had a cigarette! I am so proud of myself, and my husband. I won't lie, I want one. I think they are lush. I dream about them.

- I watched my eldest daughter graduate high school. One does not often experience surreal...for a moment, I did.

- My youngest daughter turned 3! She's not a baby anymore, even though she'll always be our baby.

- Summer began and we did a bunch of landscaping and flower gardening.

- We've had many Thunderstorms and a lot of rain!

- We've roasted wieners and marshmallows when it's NOT storming.

- And, right up to date we've adopted a dog, well he's on trial with us. His name is Pippen and he is a Skye Terrier pup of 7 months. He's extremely shy, but very well behaved. He is withdrawn but starting to come around BUT he does not like small children, they scare him and cause him to hide away most of the time. For this reason, since I have a 3yr. old, we may have to give him back. It's not fair to him to be scared all the time because around most adults he's fine, and it's not fair to my daughter who just wants to be his friend so badly. We're seeing how it goes but so far, no luck. He may go on to find another good home, for now we are enjoying him as much as he'll let us.

So, that's us lately in a nutshell. Oh, and I've discovered Twitter and am embracing it...I don't fully understand it (what is the correct way to RT anyway?) but I am enjoying it nonetheless.

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Monday!

It's Monday...and I made it!

Today marks 7 days that I have been a non-smoker.

It feels good.

I actually had a decent night's sleep last night and slept in!

That felt really good!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

72 Hours!

I've been smoke-free for 72hrs!

I'm not sure if that makes me a non-smoker yet, or maybe just a recovering smoker? Either way, I'm a quitter who quit!

I didn't really decide to quit smoking on Monday. My brain did. I'm not sure where it got the idea that Monday was the day, or that I would go cold turkey, but it did and here I am.

The first day was hell. I didn't really crave them, certainly not as much as on the days I was just cutting down, when I felt I HAD to have one. It was hell because I'm neurotic on a good day, so why shouldn't my brain turn it's self upside-down and inside-out?

My poor family. I don't know how they didn't just kick me out of the house and lock the door! My hubby should have sent me away to a hotel so I didn't upset my children...but I think he knew I would probably commit some crazy crime against an innocent, unsuspecting civilian and be arrested by people who didn't know I was in the throws of Nicotine withdrawals and wasn't myself.

I was cranky...very cranky. Everything annoyed, irritated and bugged the crap outta me.
I felt depressed. I cried a little. I yelled alot. I cussed. I didn't have a cig. The worst of all, I couldn't sleep! Not that I couldn't sleep at all, it just wasn't good sleep for any decent length of time. That didn't help the crankiness.

Each day got a little better...but I can be cranky on a good day ;)

I'm feeling much better today =)

Made cupcakes and ate half a dozen.

I bought a gorgeous dress for my daughter's grad that I look stunning in.

Hope it still fits in a week or else I'm going on a ciggy & water diet for the week before the grad!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Husband's a Quitter...

...and I couldn't be more proud!

2 weeks ago we decided to quit smoking. Well, actually, HE decided and thrust his hasty decision upon me, which in the long run I know I will be thankful for. My husband was a heavy smoker, and from being a heavy smoker one day he went to having two cigs a day for 3 days and then to none, just like that!

I'm not a quitter yet, but how I wanna be!

I've cut back...way back. I'm down to 4 -5 cigs a day and I just need some will power (read: divine intervention) to get me over the invisible nicotine hump.

Pray for me, send me positive non-smoking thoughts, but whatever you do don't bring me a dozen donuts because I'll eat every last one of 'em!

I finally lost the last of my baby weight a couple of months ago, no big deal, it was only a few pounds but it will be nice to fit into some slimmer clothes for summer. I know quitting will add a few of those pounds back, but only temporarily. No doubt it will give me even more motivation to get outside and walk...walk away the temptation to smoke and the pounds gained by quitting.

My hubby says he can already feel the difference. He can breath better, has stopped coughing every morning-noon-and night, and he says that food tastes good again. Here's to hoping that in the next week I too will be able to taste food better...because I'm pretty darn sure there's gonna be a lot of cupcakes with my name on 'em!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Goodbye Our Friend.


Today, our cat, my eldest daughters best pal, succumbed to his illness.
We loved him, petted him, cried a lot, and said goodbye.
The poor thing was suffering so.
We did the humane and merciful act of letting him go for the long sleep.
He is sadly missed and will always be remembered in our hearts.

Prickly, you were the greatest of big fat tabby tom cats.

See you again, one day, my friend.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things...

...and not always at the most appropriate moment!

My eldest daughter is 17, my youngest daughter is 2. So, in all these years with the title of MOM I have heard alot of words and phrases, some totally hilarious, some totally inappropriate, and some things that have made me cringe...usually in public.

Even though there is a rather huge age gap in my daughter's ages, I do sometimes wonder why it feels like I have two toddlers.

An example of this is:

Teen - "Your a butthead"
Toddler - "No! Your a butthead!"
Teen - "Your a butthead"
Toddler - "NO! Your a butthead"
Teen - "Butthead"
Toddler - "NO!!! YOUR a BUTTHEAD and I WIN! I AM WINNER!"

Oh yes, even with such a gap in their ages they still squabble like any siblings would. I'd also like to thank said Teen for teaching said Toddler the word "Butthead."

They may argue but they really do love each other dearly...here's proof!

My first daughter had a very bad habit of telling everyone, including strangers out in public, our business. For example, she once told a elderly man who we were standing in line next to at the bank: "My mummy has cramps because she has her period."

I died a little right then and there in the line, and I think the old man did too.

Kids also have a knack for asking really embarrasing questions, rather loudly, in public places.

Did I mention my first born was/is rather a frank speaker? Well she is, and here's an exaple:

She was 4. And while getting our groceries bagged for us by a Little Person she asks, while standing 2 feet away from him: "Mummy, why does that boy have a mustash?" to which I replied, "He is a man not a boy" to which she replied with much doubt in her voice: "Why is that man so short?" to which I replied, "Because he is a Little Person." To which she replied, very loudly and without shame: "I do NOT like little MEN!" and "Get me away from him!"

I died a little at the till and the little person's glare didn't help that fact either.

She now works at the same grocery store with that Little Man. I'm sure he remembers her too.

Karma is great =)

My youngest, oh she's a real comedian, and has been since birth. She has a way with words and often cracks us up...and sometimes she's the only one laughing. It seems to me, that my girls find pleasure and hysterics in causing me public embarrasment. It's their common ground. Their dad often finds it humorous. So, it should be no surprise to me that the two jokers of this next "embarass mum at the grocery store" incident are in cahoots.

It all starts in the fruit and veggie section. Dad pushing the cart with sweet little 1 1/2 yr old daughter inside, while mummy picks through the fruit for all the colours of the rainbow to make her family healthy. Quite thoughful of said mummy, if I do say so myself. When dad, while racing with toddler girl in the cart says quietly to his baby's mama "Move yer ass" and bumps me playfully in my rear. It's funny how children will not repeat something you want them to, say infront of an audience of grandparents, and makes liars of you but upon occasion...and more often than not, will repeat words not to be repeated, especially infront of an audience!

Not 10 seconds later my sweet baby said "Ass" then followed by, and we still to this day do NOT know where it came from because none of us use this phrase: "Piece of Ass." Granted she said it in her normal, sweet, indoor voice but she said it none the less. I, knowing full well if I giggled or sneered, it would give her ammunition, I ignored it. Daddy did not. He burst out laughing. Oh dear lord no you dumb daddy, now you've done it!

His laughter induced toddler giggles and the confidence and hilarious defiance to say it again, only not in an indoor voice. "Piece of Ass!" to which daddy snickerd. The viscious cycle had begun and there was no way of stopping it. I am only glad the store was rather empty-ish that day. As we wandered down each isle, the peanut gallery that is my youngest child got louder, the giggles increased, my face got redder and redder with each "Piece of Ass!" until I finally had to wander ahead for 5 isles, where I could still hear loud and clear my daughter's "Piece of Ass"ing as I stuffed my arms full of groceries in a panic to get out, fast!

Finally, at the til the embarrasing father/daughter act was over. My head slumped in shame, my husband who has no shame still snickering, and my once lovely youngest daughter smiling at me with that mischievious look in her eyes, I felt something. Eyes. Eyes looking at me, at my daughter and people smiling, giggling, and all of a sudden I felt as if my hubby, the ring leader, should have charged a cover fee for the great act they just witnessed on their hum-drum afternoon trip to the grocery store...I'm sure it would have paid for my cart full of groceries that day.

I laughed when we returned to our truck...mostly out of relieve that it was over.

I really laughed, and laughed hard my friends, when yesterday my sweet mama's girl 2yr. old turned to me in the isle in the grocery store...yes, the grocery store again...after her daddy had given her a bit of trouble over how she was acting up and said to me while shaking her head and waving her arm "Whatever. My dad is such a Drama Queen."

Again, Karma is great =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Adventures In My Kitchen.

I should start off by telling you I love to decorate. Not with fabrics, paint, glass tiles or shrubbery but rather with icing, candies, chocolates and sprinkles!

I love food blogs, especially blogs that have anything to do with cakes, cookies, and cupcakes!
I'll stand up now and say it, unashamed and with the pride that only a novice cake decorator can:

"My name is P and I'm addicted to blogs about, but not limited to, Sugar."

That's me.

So, when I came across this blog-that-blows-my-mind, Bakerella , I just HAD to try my hand at the entity that is known as - Cake Pop.

I won't explain it, I can't explain it. I can only half-ass'd make it and full-force eat it!

Ok, I can sort of explain it, but if you want full detailed instructions, go to Bakerella's site here: for full Instructions.

This is how I did it. It's probably NOT quite right, but it was my first time and as with all first times, it's not perfect.

You take a baked cake and turn it into to dirt, like this...
Note that I do not have a food processor. So, after trying to crumble it with my fingers into a fine soil-like substance with no success, out came the hand mixer. I do not suggest you use a hand mixer to do this unless of course you want crumbs of cake EVERYWHERE! Including down your top and in your cleavage!

Then you take a can of Frosting, or your own home-made if you wish, and dump just about the whole darn thing into the finely crumbled cake. Mixing it with your hands...kinda feels like making mud...until it's fully mixed together and looks something like this. I'm pretty sure I used a bit too much of the frosting. I kind just went for it here. Next time I won't implore my give'r and git'er done approach.

Then, with clean hands of course, roll into little balls. Then chill. I stuck them in the freezer while I wandered off to read a couple of foodie blogs...of course, YOU could always use this time to clean up the cake crumbs that are EVERYWHERE, including down your top and in your cleavage.
Once chilled in the freezer for say oh 15 minutes, dip the tip of yer sticks in a bit of melted candy melts and with gentle hands, stick a stick a little less than half way into your chilled balls. Chill again. I'm pretty sure there is some cake crumbs way back there where you didn't expect them to be, so go clean them up while these chill.

Now, I didn't take any pics of me actually dipping them because, well, I was busy dipping them! All the while trying to keep Super-toddler girl out of: the sticks, the balls, the melted candy melts, the sprinkles and my way. You'll just have to believe that I dipped and dipped until I didn't want to dip no more. *Note: Melted candy melts are a tad too thick to dip these balls into, so after a brief Google of "how to thin candy melts" I discovered that you can thin it out with a few drops of Vegtable Oil. Worked like a charm and I continued to dip, with much better results.

I dipped and decorated until they looked like this...

My foodie felts didn't like to write on the dried candy shell so I only did one like this, special-like for Super-toddler. Cute enough though, eh?

Once all the hard work was done - ie: cleaning up the cake crumbs from EVERYWHERE including down my top and in my cleavage, the two teen girls came out from my teen girls bedroom where they were held up watching Twilight, to help decorate and give me tips on what to sprinkle on what until I ended up with these.

I'm pretty sure that every and all Cake Pops I make in the future must go into this Jack mug because, well, he looks like a Cake Pop!

Please remember, especially if you do venture over to Bakerella that I am a novice. An amature. A decorator person who has never attempted anything the likes of this, ever.

I enjoyed it though, as fiddly as it was. I know things now that I will do differently next time, and the ideas for next time keep running through my head...even though I recall saying there wouldn't be a next time.

Oh, and I made some of these the next day too. These are pretty much the same, but different.
These 'lil babies are Cupcake Bites. No stick = MUCH less fiddly. You need a chocolate mold, left over balls of cake mud, and no where as much patience as you had to have with balls on sticks.

They looked like this when all was said and done. OH and after Super-toddler flattened out every single one of them when my back was turned melting and stirring the colours.

These I will defo make again! They are super-cute! Easy to decorate. My old camera doesn't do them justice. And, while I found Cake Pops to be overly sweet, these were perfect. Not because the mix was different, it wasn't, but because they are smaller and cupped in chocolate =)

So there ended my sweet adventure in my kitchen for the weekend. It was fun, and messy, and I'm pretty darn sure I still have some of those cake crumbs in my clevage ;)