Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lets Play Catch

Catch-up that is!

Ok, since my last blog post I have:

- Not had a cigarette! I am so proud of myself, and my husband. I won't lie, I want one. I think they are lush. I dream about them.

- I watched my eldest daughter graduate high school. One does not often experience surreal...for a moment, I did.

- My youngest daughter turned 3! She's not a baby anymore, even though she'll always be our baby.

- Summer began and we did a bunch of landscaping and flower gardening.

- We've had many Thunderstorms and a lot of rain!

- We've roasted wieners and marshmallows when it's NOT storming.

- And, right up to date we've adopted a dog, well he's on trial with us. His name is Pippen and he is a Skye Terrier pup of 7 months. He's extremely shy, but very well behaved. He is withdrawn but starting to come around BUT he does not like small children, they scare him and cause him to hide away most of the time. For this reason, since I have a 3yr. old, we may have to give him back. It's not fair to him to be scared all the time because around most adults he's fine, and it's not fair to my daughter who just wants to be his friend so badly. We're seeing how it goes but so far, no luck. He may go on to find another good home, for now we are enjoying him as much as he'll let us.

So, that's us lately in a nutshell. Oh, and I've discovered Twitter and am embracing it...I don't fully understand it (what is the correct way to RT anyway?) but I am enjoying it nonetheless.


  1. Congrats, my baby will also turn 3 soon. Too fast... What an adorable dog! Hope he comes around, I would love for you to keep him! Yay for not smoking, keep it up :)

    Welcome to Twitter! You will trade the addiction to smoking with an addiction to Twitter :)

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