Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Husband's a Quitter...

...and I couldn't be more proud!

2 weeks ago we decided to quit smoking. Well, actually, HE decided and thrust his hasty decision upon me, which in the long run I know I will be thankful for. My husband was a heavy smoker, and from being a heavy smoker one day he went to having two cigs a day for 3 days and then to none, just like that!

I'm not a quitter yet, but how I wanna be!

I've cut back...way back. I'm down to 4 -5 cigs a day and I just need some will power (read: divine intervention) to get me over the invisible nicotine hump.

Pray for me, send me positive non-smoking thoughts, but whatever you do don't bring me a dozen donuts because I'll eat every last one of 'em!

I finally lost the last of my baby weight a couple of months ago, no big deal, it was only a few pounds but it will be nice to fit into some slimmer clothes for summer. I know quitting will add a few of those pounds back, but only temporarily. No doubt it will give me even more motivation to get outside and walk...walk away the temptation to smoke and the pounds gained by quitting.

My hubby says he can already feel the difference. He can breath better, has stopped coughing every morning-noon-and night, and he says that food tastes good again. Here's to hoping that in the next week I too will be able to taste food better...because I'm pretty darn sure there's gonna be a lot of cupcakes with my name on 'em!

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